A traumatized woman in an underground bomb shelter in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Ukraine 5.6

The War on Ukraine Told from the Hearts of the Survivors

A Feature Documentary Film by Richard Wolf

Wars are usually told from the perspective of the victors. Ukraine 5.6 is a feature documentary film that tells the story of the war on Ukraine from the viewpoint of the hearts of the survivors.

Ukraine 5.6 is a journey from death to resilience and rebirth that weaves wrenching testimonies of ordinary people who have the courage to carry on against all odds.

Ukraine 5.6 is a reflection on the devasting effects of war on civilians and their strength to go on and re-start their lives. From a specific reality, Ukraine 5.6 evolves into a perennial universal exploration of war and tenacity.

Ukraine 5.6 is directed by Richard Wolf, who has made 34 award-winning documentary films worldwide (www.lobodocs.com).

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